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Publicaciones COHI

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  • Abreu‐Placeres N, Grau‐Grullón P, Naidu R, García‐Godoy F, Newton JT, Ekstrand KR, Pitts N, Lopez del Valle LM, Féliz‐Matos L, Rivera Y, González RF. Cariology Consensus for Undergraduates at Dental Schools in the Caribbean Region. European Journal of Dental Education. 2021;25:717-32. doi:10.1111/eje.12651


E-books Cariology Consensus:


  • e-book Español


  • e-book English


  • e-book Portuguese



  • Murillo M, Elías-Boneta AR, García-Rodriguez O, Toro MJ. Comparison of Chu’s Proportion Gauge with a T-bar Tip and a Two-Tip Compass in the Determination of Anterior Dentition Tooth Size in a Group of Puerto Ricans. PRHSJ 2020;39:288-293.

  • Reddy, B. V. R., Kumar, K. K., & Santosh, A. B. R. (2020). Benign and Malignant Lesions of 

    Jaw. Dental Clinics of North America, 64(1), 39–61.

  • Santosh, A. B. R., Boyd, D., & Laxminarayana, K. K. (2020). Clinical Outline of Oral Diseases. Dental Clinics of North America, 64(1), 1–10.

  • Santosh, A. B. R., & Ogle, O. E. (2020). Odontogenic Tumors. Dental Clinics of North America, 64(1), 121–138.

  • Santosh, A. B. R., & Ogle, O. E. (2020). Oral Diseases for the General Dentist. Dental Clinics of North America, 64(1), xiii–xv.


  • Abreu-Placeres N, Garrido LE, Jáquez C, Féliz-Matos LE. Does Applying Fluoride Varnish Every Three Months Better Prevent Caries Lesions in Erupting First Permanent Molars? A Randomized Clinical Trial. Oral Health Prev Dent 2019;17:541-546.

  • Collins, J. R., Elías, A. R., Brache, M., Veras, K., Ogando, G., Toro, M., … Rajendra, A. B. (2019). Association between gingival parameters and Oral health–related quality of life in Caribbean adults: a population-based cross-sectional study. BMC Oral Health, 19;234.

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